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Thread: Desperate for help [BCM, ELECTRICAL ISSUES]

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    Default Desperate for help [BCM, ELECTRICAL ISSUES]

    Hello everyone, I seriously hope someone can help me. My grandpa gave my fiance and I his 95 Eagle Vision Esi. When we got it three months ago, it worked fine. The A.C. would only run on high or low but it would shut off when the key was removed from the ignition. Windows worked, horn worked. Fast forward to about three weeks ago, and the blower motor won't turn off, even with the key out of the ignition. For a temporary fix, we removed the fuse when not in the car and it shut the blower off. Then, about a week and a half ago or so, the air wouldn't come all, fuse or no fuse. The power windows also stopped working. I poked around and unhooked the battery cable and hooked it back up, everything started working again, granted, only on high and low but it turned off when the key was removed from the ignition and the windows worked. I drove to the store and back, no problems. My fiance goes to leave and the horn started up and wouldn't turn off. Again, I pulled the battery cable and it all stopped. I removed the horn fuse and she drove home fine. The next morning, the car wouldn't start at all. We had it towed yo a shop and they said it was a bad battery, a stuck horn relay and a broken ac control head and that they were not related issues. We went to pick the car up and the windows didn't work. Nor did the A.C., at all. They checked and said it worked when they left it so I drove it home, which at the time the A.C. worked and the windows worked. I drove the freeway home with no issues. Got home and turned it off and on a few times, after the fourth time it wouldn't start. I undid the dash and unhooked what I think is the BCM, it was a rectangular box about the size of a thin frozen meal box. Hooked it back up, tried to start it, no go. Did the battery cable thing again and it started. This is making me think it's the BCM and not the ECM, as it starts at times and has other "body" issues.

    What are my options? What does it sound like is going on?
    I know the ECM would need to be flashed if I got a new one. Does the BCM need to be programmed as Well? Can I just plug it in as long as it has the same two connectors (which I think implies it's not a premium one)?

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    bad ground and bad ignition switch can be these problems too. you are going to have to work through these things to figure out your exact problem.
    this forum is a bit dead. you're better off here. or here.
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