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Thread: Hey y'all from Ohio Valley

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    Default Hey y'all from Ohio Valley

    Bought a 2001 LHS from my sister for $500. She parked it due to it stopped shifting so she bought a new car. Somebody convinced her the shift control solenoid inside the pan was at fault. I was all jacked up ready to tear into the valve body and got to reading about this car and the trouble codes and wasn't convinced that was the problem. I replaced the TCM on the fender for a junkyard price of $50 and it shifts fine now. So I actually bought a good $500 car this day and age, believe that? As you all know the LHS is a luxury car with all leather and all the other bells and chirps and it's a super nice automobile. It still needs a few things fixed though which is why I jumped on this forum for some guidance. So hope I don't become a pest to y'all cause I like to ask questions before I break things, cause I have a bad habit of fix it until it's broke !!! know what I mean ?

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    congrats. i own a 2000 lhs. nice cars. but you'd do better in finding out about these cars here,
    where there is a little more traffic. this site has gone pretty dead of late.
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    Thanks for the info hrmwrm .. I will check it out.

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