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Thread: Replecing timing belt in 300M 3.5l

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    Exclamation Replecing timing belt in 300M 3.5l


    I'm facing to replacing timing belt in my 300M 3.5 252hp.

    I have already bought following parts:
    -timing belt
    -water pump
    -tensioner wheel (pulley).

    There is also Timing Belt Tensioner, shall I replace it?

    The mileage is now 225 000 km. / 150 000 miles.

    I asking because it seems belt tensioner is simple device with spring inside which give the tension so it can be only (or mainly)
    damaged physically, am I right? It's also quite expensive, here in Poland costs about twice more then set with belt,pump and pulley...
    How often you replace it?


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    Default Replecing timing belt in 300M 3.5l

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