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Thread: Oil Pressure/Oil Cooler 3.2/3.5

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    Default Oil Pressure/Oil Cooler 3.2/3.5

    i remember seeing a thread on oil coolers at one point in time and then i believe the main consensus was they weren't really needed however after installing an oil pressure gauge i think i see why some models may have had them. my wife's 01 intrepid has a 3.5 from an 04 and after it has come up to temp the oil pressure is running around 4-5 psi at a stoplight. idle is set to about 650 rpm. at cold start the pressure is in the 90's and drops steadily as the temp comes up. the factory setup was a bit wonky with the pressure valve and all so i'm toying with the idea of running a spacer between the oil filter and the block and running 100% of the oil thru a cooler before it reaches the engine. Has anyone done this already? Ran into any issues? I've also entertained the thought of taking it to a dealer and having them set the idle up in the 800-850 range. the oil pressure at that rpm comes up to 14-15 psi which i find much more acceptable.

    After seeing this it seems to me that extended idle has probably killed many of these engines.
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    Just curious - what weight oil are you using?

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    Oil pressure well within spec. 5 psi Idle / 45-105 @ 3000.

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    My oil pressure gauge shows alot different. I have it teed in where the stock sender is. I have 50-75 cold, 25psi @ idle hot. 50-70 psi driving above 1500 rpms.
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