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Thread: Trick for getting cam and crank timing pulleys aligned.

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    Default Trick for getting cam and crank timing pulleys aligned.

    I recently had to do the timing on my 2004 Intrepid SXT 3.5 liter and as some of you know, it can be a real mother to get both camshaft pulleys to line up.
    After several failed attempts trying to compensate for the passenger side pulleys shift when the tensioner was released, I had an inspiration.

    After the first failed attempt at lining them up, all that is needed to get the pulleys to line up was a paint pen.
    Sorry, no pics but will do my best to describe it.

    After the first failed attempt just use the paint pen to mark the belt where the tooth on the pulley with the timing mark needs to be. If you look carefully, it should be pretty obvious where the tooth on the camshaft with the mark should be on the belt.

    Then carefully push something that just fits snugly in the gaps near both the drivers side cam pulley, and the crank shaft to keep the belt pressed against those pulleys, so that the belt can not move at all on them.
    With the belt secured against those two pulleys, remove the tensioner and reset it. Set the tensioner aside for the moment.
    Now position the belt on the passenger side camshaft so that the mark you made on the belt, and the tooth with the timing mark are together. Now, carefully wedge something in place to keep the belt from jumping on that pulley.

    Reinstall the tensioner and pull the pin. After cranking the engine till you again are at top dead center you will find that all of the timing marks are perfectly aligned.

    I hope that this helps someone.

    P.S. USE ONLY MOPAR PARTS, not aftermarket parts.
    You will regret it later if you use aftermarket parts for this job.
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