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Thread: Loud clunks over bumps that are *worse* at low speed

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    Question Loud clunks over bumps that are *worse* at low speed

    The Special purrs on at 240K but not so much over broken pavement. I've got a very loud clunk that is worse if wheel impacts happen on the driver's side. New struts and isolators have not fixed it. If I accelerate HARD into a turn, the knock is greatly reduced and the whole car feels tighter.

    What's new:
    Strut mounts (Moog, 70ft-lb verified on the strut nut)
    Struts (KYB Excel G)
    Isolators (Moog rubber parts)
    Lower control arms (weren't bad but they had 240K and the consequence of failure is possible death and mayhem if it happens on a fast road like the Dallas North Tollway)
    Rear lateral links (old ones were seized)

    What's new-ish:
    Tie rods, inner and outer, 40K.
    Sway bar end links, front and rear, 20K.

    What's OEM:
    Subframe bushings - appear OK.
    Tension strut bushings - appear OK.
    Steering rack

    If I turn the wheel with the car parked, there is a pretty loud clunk in the steering. Rack motion appears to be well damped by the bushings so I'm thinking either a rack or the thing that couples the rack to the steering shaft. Would this explain the noise over bumps as well?

    I can provide videos if need be.
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    I had a similar issue with my 00 LHS, it turned out to be a loose brake caliper that eventually just fell off and ground into the wheel. For weeks before that it made a very similar noise as to what your describing.

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    sway bar bushings can make terrible noise if their loose.
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    I'd start with swaybar bushings if they've never been done.

    Bad swaybar endlinks make all kinds of weird and strange noises when they're bad, and my experience with any brand other than Moog has not been good (and even those don't last as long as I want them to).
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